Bega Farm Wedding | Tammy + John

What an absolute honour it was to be a part of Tammy and John’s charming and relaxed Bega farm wedding. Here’s a snapshot of why…


Firstly, Tammy grew up next door to Kate (my soul mate and partner) in Tathra. I have a very vivid memory of her as a little girl, coming around to play with some newly hatched chicks we had running around in the house one holiday period. So having known Tammy since way back, this wedding was already bound to be super special!


Secondly, and likely most significantly, these guys had a very rough and devastating start to their wedding month. Earlier this year, as you may already know, the coastal town of Tathra experienced horrific bushfires. The entire far South Coast region was affected by these fires and these effects are still being felt today. Home for this lovely couple, it’s fair to say that this wasn’t how they expected the lead up to their big day to unfold.


During the height of the bushfire, Tammy and her family not only stood guard over their own house and the next door neighbour’s (which, as it turns out, belongs to my mother-in-law). They also showed tremendous bravery by saving somewhere between 5 and 30* houses on their street which had caught alight.

* The figure of 30 houses is according to Tammy’s dad during his speech. But, he’s also a very proud Dad who’d had a couple of drinks by then!


At a time when it would have been totally understandable to postpone their wedding day plans, this devastation actually brought the family closer and made Tammy and John’s moment of ‘I do’ that much more special and… I want to say deserved. Seeing how these guys rallied together was pretty moving to say the least.


The day itself was flawless. The setting was epic – located on John’s family farm just outside Bega. Every guest there was just so over-the-moon for Tammy and John and I felt that straight away. I think for the friends and family there, it was more than just a celebration of love, it was a celebration of triumph.


Think the raw beauty of the Sapphire Coast, rustic DIY elements (including a massive corrugated LOVE sign that John’s sister knocked up which made for some pretty awesome photos), incredibly cute doggos wearing tutus and involved in every part of the day, a gorgeous farm setting, and a couple who were just so damn in love. What more should a wedding be? For me this was perfect.


In summary, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s weddings like these where the couple decide to celebrate their marriage in a way that is simply and utterly THEMSELVES, it’s these weddings that really get me. Further, witnessing my friends who had recently had a super tough time become husband and wife in front of their people was unforgettable.


To Tammy and John, you guys rock. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your inspirational story! I wish you every good thing



Celebrant – Michael Bower 

Music – Roddy Reason 

Hair – Trendsetter Hair Studio 


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