Centennial Vineyards wedding | Viviene + Joshua

So do you remember that crazy heatwave that hit a couple of weekends ago?? Well, I’m sure Viviene and Joshua certainly will, as that was their wedding day!! Their Centennial Vineyards wedding in Bowral (Southern Highlands) was in a stunning location, but boy was it an absolute scorcher. I didn’t see the actual mercury, but it was surely over 40 degrees! But Viviene, Joshua and all their guests held up like absolute troopers and just rolled with it. I mean, what else can you do?

I was actually photographing this wedding as a second photographer to the wonderful Anna, of Anna Blackman Images. As this was a fairly last minute arrangement, I didn’t meet the bride and groom until the day, whereas normally we would’ve met a few times by then. Turns out that didn’t matter at all – both Viviene and Joshua were so lovely and charming, and welcomed me to their day like an old friend. You can see why I love my job right??

So yeah, the heat. Wow… the HEAT!! I’m really glad Viviene decided to move the ceremony location slightly, to the shade of some lovely big trees. I think everyone was a little more comfortable as a result! Anna and I had a lot of fun when it came to the formal session… the afternoon light was simply incredible. Centennial’s grounds and vineyard area truly are beautiful, and with this afternoon glow it was a winning combo! And really, it’s not a complete wedding until the bride has climbed a fence in order to get a cool photo 😉

The reception hall at Centennial Vineyards is a lovely, charming affair, although it was still pretty warm after dinner. So everyone upped and moved to the courtyard for the rest of the evening. As the night kicked on, the scorching heat receded to leave a lovely, balmy summer evening in it’s wake.

Despite not meeting Viviene and Joshua until their wedding day, it didn’t take me long to feel that same connection I do with all my couples, and I wish them all the best for their life ahead.

I would also like to thank Anna Blackman for the opportunity to come along to such a special (and stinking hot!!!) day. But seriously Anna – next time can we make it a touch cooler? 😉


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