Intimate Collaroy Wedding | Karina + Mike

You’re probably sick of me saying it, aren’t you? I can almost hear your eyes rolling as I’m about to say it yet again. Well, at the risk of boring you, I need to start by emphasising that I love when couples forget the trends and just do what they want to do on their wedding. And the good news is that it seems more and more couples are planning their day with this approach in mind.


The family only, beautifully intimate wedding of Karina to Mike (my old mate from Uni) was one such as this, and one that I will not quickly be forgetting my friends. FYI, my fingers paused here for a moment while writing this as I couldn’t quite figure out how to convey this lovely day in words for you.


Well, here goes…


Though Mike and I have known each other for quite some time now, we haven’t exactly been in one another’s life a lot since leaving Uni because of work, distance and well… life in general! So I was pleasantly surprised and super excited when he got in touch with me asking if I would capture his and Karina’s special day…. You’re probably thinking that I get friends and family ask me to take photos for them at various events all the time aren’t you? That surely the novelty has worn off for us photographers? Nope, I am actually rather stoked to say this is not the case. I’m honoured to be part of anyone’s big day, especially those I know!


The day itself was completely relaxed, with family only there to witness and support. It was, while being relaxed, however a totally elegant day that oozed Karina & Mike’s classic style. Having been a part of many weddings now, I can honestly say that this balance is hard to pull off, yet pull it off they absolutely did. I’ll let the images below back this statement up


Long Reef Point in Collaroy, Sydney was where Karina and Mike lovingly promised ‘I do’ in a beautiful grassy reserve that overlooked a pastel, misty seascape. The whole ceremony felt very honest and I think the location they chose played a part in this. A gorgeous spot and one that I had never been to before… this South Coast photographer rarely ventures to the big city ;). I always love when my work takes me to new and stunning parts of our country. Perks of the job!


While all of the weddings and elopements I am lucky to be a part of are incredibly special in their own unique right, this one certainly had a little something something going on that I had never seen before. Call me ‘mushy’, I don’t mind. These guys and their love were just so cool to capture.


Thank you Karina and Mike for allowing me to be a part of your intimate wedding and for not letting time and distance stop you from calling old Uni friends!



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