Mercure wedding | Ulli + Luke

Gerringong really is the perfect place for a wedding! Great venues, beautiful beaches and rolling fields overlooking the ocean are all within a stone’s throw of each other. Ulli and Luke went with a local favourite, and chose a Mercure wedding – classic, elegant, and close to some great locations for epic photos!


Getting ready

I knew it was going to be a great day… as I arrived at the Mercure for the girls’ prep, I spied Ulli and Luke’s gorgeous daughter, little Rory, making a phone call. Doesn’t get much cuter than that!

The girls were having a great time as they got ready. The champagne was flowing and there was definitely a moment when Ulli’s Dad came in and saw his beautiful daughter all ready for her wedding.

Luke and the boys arrived looking smashing in their grey suits… clearly, the nerves haven’t kicked in yet!



The groom’s expression as his soon-to-be wife walks down the aisle is always priceless – so much happiness!

The courtyard at the Mercure in Gerringong is a beautiful location for a ceremony. Especially when the weather is sensational!

The whole vibe of Ulli and Luke’s wedding was just buzzing with happiness from start to finish. Everyone was so stoked to be there, it just shines out their faces!!



By now the wind had picked up a little, which foiled our plans to head down to Werri Beach for some photos. (This is where it pays to have a local Gerringong wedding photographer on hand!). We jumped in the limo, and after a quick pit-stop at the Bottle-O, headed down to the nicely protected Boat Harbour. This secluded little spot is a favourite of mine for weddings. There’s a sea pool, rock platforms, and usually some cheeky pelicans hanging around the boat ramp too.

Clearly these guys knew how to have fun!

After our fun at the Boat Harbour, we bundled into the limos again and ventured up into Rose Valley, right behind Gerringong. We found a secret little spot which made for some beautiful shots!

This next photo is gold, but there’s actually a reason Luke looks so amused… I learned a valuable lesson at this point – don’t put my camera down when there are drunk groomsmen around!!! As I climbed onto a fence for a better vantage point, I put one of my cameras down so I didn’t drop it. Turns out young Jerome fancied himself a photographer, and tried to get some ‘artistic’ angles .

Beginner’s luck – he actually got a good one! Full credit Jerome, although it’s only funny because you didn’t accidentally delete all the photos!!!

After our secret jaunt to Rose Valley, it was nearly time for the reception. But luckily Ulli and Luke had a bit of time to chill out in the courtyard back at the Mercure, and have a cheeky drink and just enjoy being married without all the fuss.



The reception for this Mercure wedding was styled beautifully, and was a lot of fun, as they tend to be . Selfies, polaroid cameras, and some great speeches had everyone chuckling once or twice.

Now these guys must have taken dance lessons, or maybe they were just so into it that it all came naturally, but their first dance was magical.

Congratulations Ulli and Luke! I’m so grateful to have been part of your day, and I wish you all the best!


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