Mittagong Elopement | Zoe + Adam

From our very first emails exchanged, I had a great feeling about being Zoe and Adam’s wedding photographer. This suspicion was soon confirmed when I drove up to Mittagong one morning to meet them for a ‘quick chat’ about their wedding plans. After what turned into a 2-hour brekky date, with lots of laughs and discovery of shared interests, I felt that I’d already made some new friends.  What a start


On Tuesday 13th March 2018, Zoe and Adam promised on forever on the beautiful grounds of Mittagong’s Fitzroy Inn. All they needed was one another and it was perfect…and rather inspirational for me. I always love when couples simply do what THEY want for their big day, and these guys just did that oh so well.


Every detail was them. They walked down the aisle together, Adam carrying a little portable speaker playing their favourite tune. They had even brought along their own esky full of goodies for a little post-ceremony picnic! If that isn’t the epitome of cute then I don’t know what is. Zoe and Adam were just so clearly in love.


“Picture this: an old and derelict brewery that is riddled with graffiti, overgrown grass, piles of rubble, a bride and a groom…. Oh, and me


Now, remember how I mentioned earlier we have quite a bit in common, Zoe, Adam and myself? Yep, it’s time to draw on that. If you haven’t already scrolled down, I want you to picture this: an old and derelict brewery that is riddled with graffiti, overgrown grass, piles of rubble, a bride and a groom…. Oh, and me Now, I am going to start by saying there aren’t many brides who are willing to go frolicking about in a dusty, dirty old building. Am I right? Right. So, surprise and excitement were the feelings when the adventurous decision to explore this ruin was made by these two! Further, the decision to go back after the sun went down totally made my year. From experience, it takes quite a lot of planning to have shoots like these. But I can honestly say this just came together so naturally… and it was all thanks to the inner rebel that all three of us have in common!         


The icing on the cake (figuratively speaking – these guys elegantly chose a lovely cheese platter instead) was definitely when Zoe and Adam brought their pups along. Jackpot! If you know me, you know that it’s times like these that my heart is won over. Puppies + weddings = a winning combination. What more could a dog-loving, adventurous photographer ask for?


So, all in all, I can honestly say this was an unforgettable day for not only Zoe and Adam, but for me too. What a privilege and thrill it was to witness and capture this couple and their day. While I’m sure Zoe and Adam will celebrate their marriage with their family and friends down the track, I think what made this day what it was, was the fact that they didn’t feel the need to overdo what was clearly important to them – each other. Nailed it if you ask me



Venue: Fitzroy Inn

Celebrant: Joanna Fabro 

Hair & Makeup: IconiX Salon

Florals: Wild + Free Floristry

Dress: JJ’s House


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