Relaxed University of Sydney Wedding | Viktoriya + Michael

I’ll start by prefacing that Sydney weddings aren’t normally my thing. Other photographers will back me up when I say here that you have to be smart about the jobs you take on, you want your style to compliment theirs, and vice versa. And for me, Sydney weddings – quite often – don’t exactly do that. Honest, but true.


With that in mind, for me to take on a Sydney wedding, something about the couple really needs to strike a chord. There has to be something a bit chemical I suppose.


So when Viktoriya and Michael got in touch with me, I was initially a little bit hesitant. That was until we were able to have a good chat. Consider that chord struck! It didn’t take long for me to realise that these guys were my kind of couple. There was something about this super relaxed, quirky couple that really grabbed me.


And before I knew it, I was off to Sydney University to capture Viktoriya and Mike’s day. It was the very first time I had been to the Uni – I was impressed! The architecture, the grounds, and just the general vibe are absolutely perfect for a wedding… making me one very chuffed photographer


It was a ceremony that really radiated honesty, love, and intimacy. Perfect.


True to their laidback style, the couple decided to have just their nearest and dearest on the guestlist – something I will ALWAYS encourage couples to do. It was a ceremony that really radiated honesty, love, and intimacy. Perfect.


Close friends and unofficial bridal party, Alan and Sammy, came along for post-ceremony photos, which made things a lot of fun! The five of us very ironically ran around the University buildings like we were all teens again. This made for some pretty cool shots.

Something very fun that unfolded on the day was a wine ceremony the couple both took part in. Turns out the celebrant had earlier made a suggestion for this, and that it can be a really special thing to do and look back on. And so, in true Michael and Viktoriya fashion, they both just heard the word ‘wine’ and agreed. Wanting to put their own spin on this, the couple planned to write one another’s vows and have each other promise on them (without having seen them) during the ceremony.

Also, did I mention that while they were to read these vows, they had decided to carry out the wine ceremony by drinking from a replica horn passed down through the Uzbeki Kim (Kim’s ancestors) tribe for generations! Very cool and something only these two would think of…  


The vows…


***Sammy pours the wine and hands it to Viktoriya***

Viktoriya goes first and repeats after celebrant:
Michael, do you promise to receive gladly and happily, no more, no less than a million kisses a day; panda hugs and gibberish about kpop?

I do.

***Takes the wine from Viktoriya and drinks***

Michael repeats after celebrant:
Viktoriya, do you promise to continue to let me go away for annual climber trips, sporadic boys only getaways to amazing food places and continue to support me after the long lunches?

I do.
Takes the wine from Michael and drinks:

***Vik turns to Sammy:***

We need more wine.

Michael, do you promise to travel everywhere around the world with Viktoriya’s hand in yours, even if it is through Town Hall Station, and never let go?

I do.

***Takes the wine from Viktoriya and drinks***

Viktoriya, do you promise to henceforth refer to me as Lord Elphinstone, or My Lord and when the time is right, we’ll go over to Scotland and overthrow the current false Lord Elphinstone and take our rightful place at the top of the Elphinstone clan?

I do.

***Takes wine from Michael and drinks***

And there you have it. How’s that for vows, huh! This and so many other amazing weird and wonderful moments made up this incredible day. I loved every moment of it.


Needless to say, I am very glad I took on this Sydney wedding. In fact, Vik and Mike taught me something here.


Thank you Vik and Mike, and I wish you the best of luck in reclaiming your rightful place at the top of the Elphinstone Clan


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