Stockton Dunes engagement | Jo + Duncan

So picture this. It’s about an hour before I’m due to meet Jo and Duncan for their Stockton Dunes engagement shoot, and I get a text from Jo. ‘We’re not 100% sure if our puppy sitter is available still, would it be OK if she came too?’. I couldn’t respond fast enough – OMG YES!!!! I’m a huge animal lover, dogs being probably my all time favourites. I didn’t even know these guys had a dog and now she’s coming along – unreal!! I think I will start insisting that people bring along their pets to any future photo shoot… 😉

Stockton Dunes. Heard of it? I hadn’t really before we organised this engagement session. Being a 4hr drive up the coast (just north of Newcastle) it hadn’t really been on my radar until now. But that’s why I love meeting couples who don’t necessarily live close by. It gets me out exploring and finding new gems, like this one. At risk of overusing this term, these sand dunes are EPIC. Stunningly beautiful, yet so stark – nothing but wind-sculpted sand for kilometres. Plenty of room to explore and play

All four of us instantly hit it off! Jo, Duncan and I share a lot of the same interests – dogs (obviously), adventure and the outdoors, and travelling. We chatted about places we’d been to and dreamed of. Duncan read my mind when he spied a piece of Corflute sign, immediately surfing it down the steepest dune he could find!

And what can I say about little Piper?? I was immediately smitten by this 17 week old border collie pup. So soft and playful! She had such an amazing time running and digging in the sand in that carefree way that all baby animals share. I could tell how much Jo and Duncan loved this little girl – it makes me happy that Piper has found a loving and caring home

What else can I say? We had great afternoon which faded through the golden light to a beautiful sunset. Then the full moon rose in the purpling sky as we walked back to the car. So good

I’m so glad we organised this Stockton Dunes engagement shoot. I met yet another amazing couple, their gorgeous puppy, and got to photograph them in amazing light, in an out-of-this-world location. Life’s pretty good!


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