Sugar Pine Walk engagement | Hannah + Jeremy

It’s a bit of an interesting story how Hannah, Jeremy, their 3 dogs and I ended up having a Sugar Pine Walk engagement shoot.

Hannah and Jeremy live in Albury, which is a fair hike from Gerringong! As they’re planning a farm wedding closer to home, we organised this engagement session in a different location to provide some variety for their photos. I sent a couple of options through to Hannah… one of which was Sugar Pine Walk near Laurel Hill. I couldn’t believe her response when she checked out the link I sent her!

So it turns out that Hannah saw a random picture of Sugar Pine Walk on Facebook some months ago. It’s a pretty captivating place, so she saved the image and put it on her list of “one of the places I wanted to find and go to”. She wasn’t even sure it was in Australia, and yet here we are planning an engagement shoot there. Just 2hrs from her home! Talk about serendipity

I’d never visited Sugar Pine Walk either. The whole day was bit of an adventure for me, as Laurel Hill is about 4.5 hours drive from Gerringong. I saw not one, but 3 lyrebirds while driving up the escarpment, which I thought was a pretty good start! And I was super excited to be heading up into the mountains again. It was cold – very cold – but there is something about the Australian Alpine landscape which I’ve missed since moving to the coast.

When Hannah and Jeremy rocked up, I couldn’t believe my luck. They’d brought their 3 dogs along!!! My last engagement shoot involved a surprise puppy, and I love dogs! (Mental note – definitely make sure all my couples bring a pet along, haha!). We had an amazing time in this serene little patch of pine forest. As it was near sunset, and getting VERY cold, we had the place to ourselves. I had actually been hoping for snow, but the forest was beautiful enough as it was.

After our little engagement shoot I said goodbye to Hannah and Jeremy, but I stayed behind. I’d planned to spend the night rather than drive straight home again, so my adventure wasn’t quite over yet… stay tuned for more from the Sugar Pines Walk


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