The Wildflower Studio, Kiama – with Sharlene

Today we’re talking flowers, and here’s one you definitely need to consider hiring as your wedding florist – The Wildflower Studio, Kiama.

Sharlene covers all your wedding flower and floral needs, and the store has plenty of other gift ideas for other occasions too. So if you are coming down to check out your South Coast wedding venue or meet with some other wedding suppliers, make sure to drop in and check out The Wildflower Studio


Tell us about The Wildflower Studio in a nutshell

I design wedding florals based on the style and location of the bride & grooms wedding. I create bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, flower crowns and arrangements for table, ceremony and arbour


How long have you been doing this for?

I have been involved in the Wedding industry for many years. I used to design and make wedding gowns from a home studio.  The process started with making a pattern for the gown, making a toile to fit, cutting & sewing the gown then embellishing with crystals, embroidery etc. Floristry was a natural progression, I have always adored flowers and come from a long line of gardeners and flower lovers.


What do you like best about the South Coast?

The laid back casual lifestyle and the views!


What do you enjoy most about weddings?

I love being a part of the creative process of planning a wedding and interacting with other amazing wedding vendors – photographers, cake decorators, reception venue’s, event stylists etc


Do you have an ideal client you’d like to work with?

I’m very lucky that all my clients are ideal! I really have the loveliest brides & grooms, I couldn’t really pick a favourite.


What’s the funniest/worst thing to happen to you while dealing with a wedding?

No drama’s to report – yet!!! Having said that a darling friend is getting married soon and she is both a gorgeous person and really really funny! Her horse is making an appearance in a floral garland – what could possibly go wrong??

Are there any other wedding vendors you work closely with and highly recommend? 

A favourite is Adrienne of Cakes by Adrienne she is an amazing cake artist and the sweetest person (no pun intended). I also enjoy working with Bec at Culinarius Caterers and Hope & Jackie at The Pavilion, Kiama. I am really looking forward to decorating a wedding reception at The Burrows of Berry at the end of May.


What are some words you’ve heard happy customers use to describe The Wildflower Studio?

My customers love how my shop/studio looks and how welcoming it feels. A phrase I hear a lot (about their wedding flowers) is that their flowers were so much more than they could have imagined – I love that!


Weddings are quite seasonal around here… are there any promotions or better value you can offer couples in the off-peak season?

I have quickly discovered that the off-season is very short lived and the benefit that an ‘off-season’ couple receives is an ultra refreshed florist with a little more spring in her step!!!!


What else would you like to tell me about The Wildflower Studio?

The Wildflower Studio is located at Surf Beach Kiama. I create florals for weddings & events. The shop also has fresh flowers, bouquets, indoor plants, luxury gift hampers, books, candles and organic teas for sale. I also run ‘Flower School’ classes for wannabe florists!


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