Wedding photography costs, how to book, and helpful information


In my opinion, choosing your photographer should only come down to two questions:

  1. Do we love their photos and style?
  2. Do we connect with them as a person – can we relax around them, and have a great time together during our wedding?

So, if you found you answered ‘YES!!’ to the first question, and you feel like you’re leaning towards another ‘Hell yes!’ for the second question, I’d suggest getting in touch and we can arrange a consult (which sounds very formal, but is really just a chat over coffee!). That way we’ll both get a feel for how we can answer that second question for sure.

Of course, we also live in the real world, where pricing does come into play.

I find that my couples spend an average of $3,350 (or $4,700 with an album) on their wedding photography with me. But this number doesn’t really mean much, as for some weddings I’m there for 4 hours, and for others I’m there for 10 hours… so once again, the best thing to do is get in touch and organise a chat.

I’m also happy to provide a ballpark figure once you’ve filled me in on a few details of your day.


We can discuss the booking process at your consult in detail if need be, but here is a quick rundown, just so you know how easy it is:

  • Once we’ve had a chat and I’ve obtained all the info I need, I’ll provide you with an accurate electronic quote for your wedding photography.
  • To complete your booking, simply accept the quote, sign the electronic contract, then pay your 50% deposit via credit card or bank transfer.
  • I always do my best to hold your date for you once I’ve received your enquiry, but please be aware that your booking is not confirmed until I receive your deposit!
  • That’s it! Give each other a high 5 – you’ve locked me in for your wedding. 

Additional Information

How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

It varies year to year, but the answer is generally not too many!! Unlike some wedding photrogaphers out there who I think are actual machines and shoot 60+ weddings in a year, I value a bit of balance in my life. 

But more importantly, I like to dedicate my whole self to my couples in the lead up, on the day and after the wedding. Because if I’ve shot a wedding on the Thursday, then the Friday, then now I’m at your wedding on the Saturday, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to function, let alone get creative and work my butt off for you guys… because, well, you deserve it!

So, to sum up, I won’t ever shoot more than one wedding in a weekend, and never more than 3 weekends in a row.

We love your work but we can’t afford you! Do you discount?

The fact that you love my work is almost enough to say yes!! But sadly the real answer is no.

Due partly to the point above, I’ve set my pricing based upon shooting a certain number of weddings per year. If I discount for one couple, but not another, I don’t think that’s very fair… and then it’s a very slippery slope at the end of which is me shooting your wedding in return for a pack of sugar and some peanut butter smeared on a playing card.

Do you travel?


Oh wait – you mean for weddings or elopements?? Still yes!! My home town is Gerringong, but I find myself travelling up and down the South Coast, into the Southern Highlands and beyond for weddings.

If you absolutely love what I can do for you at your wedding, but are planning it somewhere else – get in touch, we’ll make something work .

Do you do group shots?

If you’re talking about family group shots, then of course! The best time to grab everyone is just after the ceremony before they disappear to the bar…

The best move is to assign someone (or perhaps one person from each side of the family) as the official Cat Herder on the day. This way they know who they are finding for each family group.

If you’re talking about a massive group shot with all the guests… well, I have an opinion on that one. It’s a photo that people think they’re supposed to have, but in reality it never turns out that well, and people never really do anything with it. Plus it’s time that can be spent actually hanging out with your guests instead!

Can I give you a shot list or Pinterest board?

Absolutely!! But I have one request… why don’t you go through my website, or my Instagram feed, and pick out your favourite shots of mine? These are the types of photos that I do best, and it gives me a really clear idea of what you’re after .

What happens if things run a little late and we want you to stay later on the wedding day?

Not a problem. Here’s a quick pointer – weddings rarely run exactly to schedule!!

So if things are running a bit behind, and you desperately want me to stay for a bit longer to capture specific events, just be aware that I do have an overtime rate, which is listed in the contract you’ll sign.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Look, I won’t lie – one of my greatest loves in this life is a good feed… plus a lack of food on my part leads to some serious hangriness!!

But seriously, it’s totally your call. If it’s been a long day, then yes, a meal will be very much appreciated, but I also don’t demand to be fed. I just like to know if I will be fed, or if I should make my own arrangements.

If you do decide to feed me, then have a chat with your venue or caterer – they will often be able to supply a vendor meal at a reduced rate.

What happens if you get sick?

Thankfully this has never happened (touch wood!). However if it does, I will do everything in my power to find a replacement photographer for you from my extensive network of photographer mates. Depending on the situation, I will hire them to shoot for me, while still editing your images in my regular style. If things are really bad, and with your approval, I’ll hand the reins entirely over to them to shoot and edit your wedding.

The boys are going to do a few lines before the wedding, then we have some burnouts planned too. Is that cool?

I’m not the fun police, so you can do whatever at your wedding. But I won’t photograph it if it’s illegal.

What is your editing style?

As you’ve seen on this site, I like to keep my editing style fairly clean, natural and timeless. No super heavy, moody presets for me. These presets may look cool now, but they may also look very dated in just a few years as trends change (perms, anyone??).

I also choose which images to deliver in black and white during the editing process – this is also part of my overall style.

How many photos will I receive?

I’ll let you know when I find out how long that piece of string is, haha! Every wedding and couples session is different, and there is no set number of images that I work to. I simply capture everything that I can, delete all the shots with people blinking or pulling hideous faces during the editing process, and deliver the rest to you .

I’ve never had a couple approach me afterwards saying that there weren’t enough photos, so it’s safe to say you’ll be more than satisfied too!

What do I need to know about copyright of my photos?

This can be a murky one, and people have differing opinions on who owns copyright for wedding and portrait photos. As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t need to get complicated and weird.

Once you sign my contract and hire me, the resulting photos belong to you. The only things I ask you not to do are:

  • sell the images or benefit commercially from them without contacting me first;
  • enter them in competitions or publish them online or in magazines, once again without contacting me first (by the way, I love getting my work published – so if you do want to do this, let me know!);
  • edit the images (e.g. slap an Instagram filter on it) before sharing them online as it misrepresents my work and what I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutley love it when you share my photos and spread the love… I love it even more when you include a link to my website or tag me on social media!!

In return, I also have the right to use these images (as I created them)… which includes promoting my business online and in print, and on social media too.

If you have genuine privacy concerns – don’t worry, I’m always reasonable and considerate, just let me know .

Do I need to backup my photos once I've downloaded them?

Yes!! Preferably in 2 locations, even more preferably with one location in the cloud or away from your house, in case it burns down!!

My current policy is to keep your photos for as long as is practical (as you can imagine, I need a lot of HDD storage space for all my couples wedding photos!!). But this doesn’t mean forever.

So please, make sure you back these photos up once you receive them!

You can Photoshop that, right?

The technical answer is probably yes… but generally the answer is no.

I sometimes get semi-serious requests on the day to ‘make people thinner’, ‘remove double chins’, etc… I photograph people as they are. If people are concious of certain aspects of themselves, I can work with them to de-emphasise and perhaps disguise these aspects – it’s easier, and more natural, than Photoshopping later.

If an image needs minor corrections in Photoshop, I will do this as part of the editing process. However, detailed requests will be quoted at an hourly rate, or referred on to expert photo retouchers who do this kind of thing all day, every day!

We love our wedding photos, and we’d love to get them published in a wedding magazine or blog!!!

Awesome, so would I! If you have one in mind, let me know. The submission process often requires a bit of info from you guys, so I’ll be in touch after the wedding to work through it with you .