Willow Farm, Berry – with Amy and Mark

So what’s generally the first thing you need to lock in when planning your wedding? (Apart from who to marry, of course!!!). Yep, you guessed it – the wedding venue!! Luckily we have no shortage of simply stunning venues here on the beautiful South Coast.

For this post I’ll be featuring Willow Farm – a working farm located just outside of Berry. Apologies if I gush a bit in this post… I simply adore this place! I come out here at least twice a week for yoga, and have spent a fair bit of time exploring the grounds with my camera too .

So without further ado, let’s see what Willow Farm has to offer as your wedding venue!


Tell us about Willow Farm in a nutshell

We are a family of five living on a beautiful farm in Berry and this year we decided we wanted to share it with couples looking for a special spot for their wedding! So this is our first wedding season – we have had three weddings here so far and they have been absolutely beautiful! We basically hand the farm over to the couple for the weekend (having put our heart and soul into making it look as beautiful as possible) and they put on their wedding. They stay in the farmhouse and we have a great party shed with various props they can use. And loads of picturesque spots for photos!


What do you like best about the South Coast?

The lush green paddocks, the sparkling creeks, the beaches, the people!


What do you enjoy most about the weddings?

Meeting such gorgeous happy couples and watching their dream wedding come to life. It is very special and it fills us with positive vibes.


Do you have an ideal client that you’d love to work with?

I was so nervous before our first wedding, but when the bride arrived she was just so positive and beautiful. She loved that the cows were in the paddock by the driveway so that her guests could see them when they drove in, and that the sheep were in the paddock next to the house. To be able to see the farm’s beauty through new eyes is a real gift.


Do you get involved in more than just the wedding day itself?

We have quite a bit to do with the couple in the 12 months or so before their wedding as they tend to visit the farm a few times beforehand, and we have lots of communication with them over their plans. But once the wedding day arrives it’s over to them. We just stand back and admire all the beautiful work they do!


Are there any other wedding vendors you work closely with and highly recommend?

We work closely with Garnish Creative Catering and cannot recommend them highly enough. We know our guests will be extremely well-fed and enjoy a smooth wedding with Garnish in the kitchen. And of course, we love Jon Harris’s beautiful photos! (Awww, thanks guys!)


What are some words you’ve heard happy customers use to describe Willow Farm?

Ooh, beautiful, magical, special – we love hearing when our guests are happy!


Weddings are pretty seasonal… are there any promotions or better value you can offer couples in the off-peak season?

We are planning to enjoy the winter to do maintenance on the farm and have some downtime. We also offer accommodation throughout winter, and we usually have some fabulous yoga workshops on at the farm then too.

Well, there you have it… pretty special place don’t you think?? The farm is such an amazing place to explore too… it reminds me of getting outdoors as a kid and just enjoying the plants and animals I discovered.

And if you are planning on spending a bit longer at the farm to have some down time after the wedding, then you should definitely check out one of the yoga classes held by Roaming Yogis – yep, the farm has it’s very own yoga shala! I speak from experience – it is one of the best locations I’ve practised yoga in, and the classes are fantastic!

Willow Farm is one of the South Coast’s best wedding venues, but with so much more to offer… get in touch with Amy and Mark and you won’t be disappointed 🙂


Contact, visit and follow

Web: www.willowfarmberry.com.au

Address: Galls Lane, off Beach Rd, Berry

Phone: 0415 645 772

Email: info@willowfarmberry.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willowfarmberry

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willowfarm_berry


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