What to expect from your wedding photography?

I think it’s safe to say that just about every couple who has decided to get married is a little uncertain about exactly what to expect from your wedding photography. Every photographer works a little bit differently on the day, has a different idea of what makes an epic shot, and also edits the final images with their own special sauce.

A lot of this uncertainty can be solved by looking through the photographer’s website and social media presence, and after some online browsing, couples will generally end up with a short list of photographers who fit their style and budget. This leaves the final big question – what is this photographer ACTUALLY like as a person, and what will they be like to work with?!? 

I’m always a fan of meeting couples who are interested in my work, because it gives us a chance to help answer this question (and rest assured, I’m also very keen to find out what sort of people YOU are to make sure we will all get along on your wedding day!!).

But, before you commit to a consult, take a few minutes to watch this little video. They say a picture tells a thousand words, and a video is 25 pictures every second (you do the maths!). So I made this little video which will give you understand what to expect from your wedding photography, and what it’s like to work with me.



If there’s one thing I love about the wedding industry, it’s that there are so many wonderful people you meet and work with again and again. The people and businesses listed below are the ones I recommend to my couples, so naturally I chose to work with them to create this little video to show you what to expect for your wedding photography. 

So, many many thanks to the following amazing people who helped me do this thing!



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